Investment Banking Analyst Program

+ Placement Assistance

What is the Investment Banking Analyst Program (IBAP)?

The Investment Banking Analyst Program (IBAP) is a new-gen sought-after initiative that prepares recent graduates and young working professionals to work as analysts in the investment banking divisions of leading financial institutions. This program will also open the door in the core finance domains including but not limited to Equity Research, Asset Management, Private Equity, Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A), and many more.

The IBAP program spans 6 months and provides extensive training and practical experience in financial modeling, corporate finance, business valuation, due diligence, pitchbook, financial planning and analysis (FP&A), credit analysis, and report drafting.

The primary objective of IBAPs is to prepare and nurture young professionals to become accomplished finance professionals and job ready for investment banking, consulting, and core finance profiles.  

While IBAPs demand long hours and a strong work ethic, they offer a distinctive chance for individuals to gain valuable expertise and skills that can pave the way for a thriving career in investment banking or other financial domains.


100% Placement Assistance​

Selection Through Profile Assessment Test and Personal Interview​

100% Live Training based on Competency/Skills​

Conceptual Topics in Pre-Recorded Format​

Dedicated ~250 Hours Program​

Capstone Project from Beta Insights™ (Guided by Valutinum Advisory)

Success Fee - Pay After Placement​

Module Tests, Assignments, Feedback, Q&A, Performance Tracker, Job Interview Preparation​




  • The only platform to take PAT before enrollment.
  • Providing an accurate and unfiltered review of candidates’ current skill sets.
  • Recommended for training only after the satisfactory PAT performance.



  • Live industry training
  • 16 modules
  • 250 hrs
  • 32+ Assignments
  • 6+ Projects
  • 14 Module test



  • ATS resume building with templates
  • LinkedIn optimization
  • Cover letter
  • Mock Interview
  • Career counselling related to Profiles and Industry finalization



  • Selection of profiles based on performance.
  • Recommendation of companies from the larger pool
  • Interview Opportunity
  • Acceptance of the offer letter

What is Profile Assessment Test?

Why Profile Assessment Test?

Program Modules

Corporate Finance​

Module 1 - Corporate Finance Fundamentals

Module 2 - Cost and Management Accounting

Module 3 - Credit Analysis

Module 4 - Financial Industry Ecosystem

Investment Pitchbook​

Module 5 - Excel for Finance

Module 6 - Visualization (Dashboard, Data Visualization, PPT, and Pitchbook)

Module 7 - Statistical Analysis

Deals & Valuation​

Module 8 - Financial Modeling

Module 9 - Intrinsic Valuation

Module 10 - Relative Valuation

Module 11.a - Mergers, Acquisitions, and Restructurings

Module 11.b - Leveraged Buyout (LBO) Modeling and Analysis

Equity Research​

Module 12 - Financial Statement Analysis

Module 13 - Corporate Strategy

Module 14 - Equity Research

Soft Skills

Module 15 - Investment Banking Soft Skills

(for students who opted for placement assistance service)

Module 16 - Interview Prep. & Guidance

(for students who opted for placement assistance service)


Download the Fee Structure, detailed program modules, projects, placement profiles and processes.

Batches for IBAP is full till Dec, 2023. In the meanwhile, please have a look at our flagship Financial Analyst Program

Admission Process

Step 1


Register and appear for the Profile assessment test

Step 2

Personal Interview

Get your result and profile assessment during the interview

Step 3


Based on the assessment get recommended for the program

Step 4

Reserve your seat

Select your batch and complete the payment process.

Step 5

Admission Formality

Complete other admissions and mandatory formalities.

Step 6

Commencement of the Program

Beginning of training


Frequently Asked Questions

Program Eligibility

Working professionals and students who have either graduated or are in their final year of graduation and are seeking a transition into core finance and finance-related roles are encouraged to enroll in the program. This program provides them with the necessary skills and knowledge to assume responsibilities within an organization’s finance department.

  1. If you have completed an MBA, or you are pursuing it, this program can greatly benefit you. Let’s evaluate your positioning based on the following parameters:
    • Skills: Besides your syllabus, it is crucial to possess additional skills that are highly desirable in the market. These skills include building financial models, drafting reports, creating industry-standard presentations, developing dashboards, conducting business valuations, and solving complex business problems.
    • Relevant Exposure: Do you have practical exposure or experience in the form of live projects, internships, academic projects, or job experience in the core finance field? Such experience adds significant value to your profile.
    • Placement Trend: Analyze the placement trends of your college and identify relevant companies and profiles in the finance sector that align with your goals.

If any of these criteria are not up to par, our program can help you gain a competitive edge over your peers. It will bridge the gap between your current achievements and what the industry demands.

2. For CA and CFA qualifiers or semi-qualifiers, this program will enhance your profile by providing practical learning in various areas such as Credit Risk, Corporate Finance, Financial Modeling, Business Valuation, Equity Research, and more.

Moreover, this program offers the opportunity to explore job prospects in your field of interest.

The minimum eligibility criteria for this program are as follows:

  1. Graduates with a minimum of 60% marks.
  2. Final year graduates with an average score of 60% or above.
  3. Individuals should possess a sound understanding of Financial Statements.
  4. Basic introductory knowledge of Financial Modeling is required.
  5. Additional preference will be given to alumni of any existing Beta Insights™ program, which will be considered as an added advantage during the selection process.
  • Training ~4 months (3 sessions per week) 
  • Projects and Placement ~3 months
  • Roughly, one needs to devote ~250 hrs.

There are several circumstances in which a student can be disqualified from the placement assistance service:

  1. Failure to Meet Academic Requirements: If the selected student fails to complete the program with the required minimum score of 80% within the agreed duration, they may be disqualified from the placement assistance service.

  2. Incomplete Background Check: If a student does not complete the necessary background check from their previous employers or educational institutions, it may result in disqualification from the placement assistance service.

  3. Lack of Follow-Up or Absence from Scheduled Interviews: If a candidate agrees to an interview opportunity facilitated through the placement assistance service but fails to follow up with the recruiter or is absent from the scheduled interview without a valid reason, they may be disqualified from further assistance.

  4. Offer Rejection After Acceptance: If a candidate accepts a job offer facilitated through the placement assistance service but subsequently turns down the offer, it may lead to disqualification from future placement assistance opportunities.

  5. Engaging in Malpractices: If a candidate engages in any form of malpractice that can harm the reputation of Beta Insights™, they may be disqualified from the placement assistance service.

It is important for students to adhere to the program’s guidelines, maintain professionalism, and fulfill their commitments to remain eligible for the placement assistance service.

If a candidate does not clear the Profile Assessment Test (PAT) required to join our Advance Program (Investment Banking Analyst Program), it simply indicates that they may benefit from further strengthening their understanding of the subject matter, particularly in the areas of Financial Statement Analysis and Financial Modeling.

In such a scenario, we kindly recommend the candidate consider enrolling in our Foundation Program (Fundamentals of Financial Modeling), which is available for free. This program will provide them with a solid foundation and help address any knowledge gaps they may have.

Upon successful completion of the Foundation Program, we encourage candidates to explore our Intermediate Program (Financial Analyst Program) based on their progress and performance. This program offers comprehensive knowledge and skills in financial analysis, further equipping them for their career aspirations.

Once a candidate has successfully completed the Financial Analyst Program with satisfactory performance, we are delighted to recommend them directly for the esteemed Investment Banking Analyst Program. This ensures that they have acquired the necessary understanding and expertise to excel in the advanced program.

Our intention is to support and guide students throughout their learning journey, tailoring our recommendations to their individual needs and helping them make progress towards their goals. We are here to assist students in developing their skills and knowledge to thrive in the finance industry.

**PAT Fee is non-refundable.

Program Details

IBAP is the Beta Insights™ Advanced Program, which was launched in 2023. We have a multitude of stories and reviews regarding our intermediate-level program, the “Financial Analyst Program,” showcasing how it has assisted students in securing placements and enhancing their skill sets. Beta Insights™ has an established track record in effectively aiding students in upskilling within the finance field. Our program is meticulously crafted to be the industry’s finest, incorporating live sessions, interactive Q&A sessions, comprehensive conceptual videos, engaging assignments, practical projects, insightful case studies, and rigorous assessments.

The admission process for IBAP (Beta Insights™ Investment Banking Analyst Program) follows these steps:

  1. Registration: Interested students need to register themselves for the Profile Assessment Test (PAT). This is the initial step to indicate their intention to join the program.
  2. Profile Assessment Test (PAT): Students will undergo the PAT, which is designed to assess their knowledge and skills in relevant areas.
  3. Personal Interview: Based on the performance in the PAT, shortlisted candidates will be invited for a personal interview. The interview aims to further evaluate their suitability for the program.
  4. Recommendation: After considering the PAT scores and personal interview outcomes, the most qualified candidates will be recommended for admission into the program. At Beta Insights™, we prioritize delivering top-quality education and training, and we seek students who are dedicated and committed to achieving their best performance.

The learning methodology for this program incorporates various elements to ensure a comprehensive and effective learning experience. The key components include:

  1. Classroom Live Sessions (Estimated time required – 110 Hrs): Spread over a period of 4 months, these sessions consist of three sessions per week, with an average duration of 3 hours. They are designed to provide in-depth coverage of the course material, including interactive Q&A sessions.

  2. Conceptual Videos (Estimated time required – 52 Hrs): These videos offer a detailed explanation of key concepts, providing students with a solid foundation in the subject matter.

  3. Assignments (Estimated time required – 50 Hrs): The program includes a range of assignments that are inspired by real-world industry scenarios and challenges. These assignments help students build a concrete understanding of the concepts taught during the course.

  4. Projects (Estimated time required – 22 Hrs): Students will have the opportunity to work on industry projects, which provides them with practical exposure and an advantage over others in terms of experience.

  5. Tests (Estimated time required – 16 Hrs): Regular tests will be conducted to assess students’ understanding and knowledge retention. These tests help in gauging their progress and identifying areas that may require further focus.

By combining live sessions, conceptual videos, assignments, projects, and tests, the program ensures a comprehensive learning experience that prepares students for core financial profiles and enhances their chances of securing a job in the field.

Yes, the platform is registered with the government as a Partnership firm. Furthermore, it has received recognition from the Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME) as a service provider in the field of education (training) and placement. This recognition signifies that the platform meets the necessary requirements and standards set by the government in the education and training sector.

Placement Assistance

The placement assistance service provided by the program includes the following:

  1. Interview Opportunities: Once a student successfully completes the program with a score of 80% or above, the placement assistance service facilitates interview opportunities. These opportunities are made available through the program’s network of recruitment partners.

  2. Recruitment Partner Support: The program collaborates with recruitment partners who help in identifying job opportunities suitable for the students. They assist in connecting students with potential employers in the finance industry.

  3. Interview Preparation: The placement assistance service may also include interview preparation support. This can involve guidance on resume building, interview techniques, and mock interviews to help students enhance their interview skills and increase their chances of success.

Overall, the placement assistance service aims to connect students who have excelled in the program with relevant job opportunities by leveraging the program’s network of recruitment partners.

To gain access to the placement assistance service, individuals must opt for it at the time of admission to the program. During the enrollment process, students are given the option to choose the placement assistance service. It is important to indicate the desire to avail this service at that time in order to be eligible for the placement assistance program.

The “Placement Assistance” is exclusively available to students who opted for it during the time of admission. Additionally, it is crucial to achieve a minimum score of 80% during the training period to remain eligible for the placement assistance program. Failure to meet this requirement will result in disqualification from the program.

We want to clarify that while we “do not guarantee jobs in any specific profile or industry”, we provide comprehensive placement assistance to our students. Our approach consists of three steps:

  1. Upskilling: We focus on enhancing your skills and knowledge through our program, ensuring you are equipped with the necessary expertise demanded by the finance industry. This includes areas such as financial modeling, business valuation, equity research, and more.

  2. Profile Building: We understand the importance of soft skills and a well-crafted CV in today’s competitive job market. Our program includes guidance on developing your profile, refining your soft skills, and creating a compelling CV that highlights your strengths and achievements.

  3. Interview Arrangements: We facilitate interview opportunities by connecting you with recruiters from finance industries, primarily focusing on Investment Banking and other core finance profiles. While we strive to arrange interviews, the final placement depends on various factors, including your educational background, mindset, work ethic, and performance during the program.

We aim to equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to pursue a successful career in the finance industry.

Here are some of the major Finance verticals for which you can be interviewed for

Investment Banking, Asset Management, Banking, Corporate Development, Corporate Finance, Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A), Equity Research, Hedge Funds, Private Equity, Venture Capital, Credit Analyst, Corporate Valuation Service, Transaction Advisory, M&A Analyst, Startup Advisory, Boutique Investment Banking Firms, Merchant Banks, Financial Modeler

These are just a few examples, and our program covers many more finance-related profiles.

Fee Details

Check the brochure for the fee details.

To block your seat in the Beta Insights™ Investment Banking Analyst Program, you are required to take the PAT (Performance Assessment Test) and receive a recommendation from our team. The fee amount to block your seat will be communicated to you by our team during the admission process. The specific fee details and payment instructions will be provided to you once you successfully clear the assessment and are recommended for the program.

Currently, there are no installment payment option available for the training fee. However, if someone has a genuine need for alternative payment arrangements, they can contact our team at [email protected]. Our team will assist and provide further guidance regarding the payment options.

The success fee is payable once you accept the offer letter for the job. Once you have officially accepted the job offer, you will be required to pay the success fee as per the terms and conditions of the program.

The program does not have a refund policy. It is strongly advised that prospective students carefully review the program details, including the website information, and ask any necessary questions before enrolling. This ensures that students have a clear understanding of the program and make an informed decision before committing to it.

Yes, sure! Please secure >85% marks in your PAT (Test & Personal Interview) to get a FLAT INR 5000/- discount on the Training Fees.

Disclaimer: The “Investment Banking Analyst Program” is the brand name for the comprehensive core finance skills training and placement assistance program offered by Beta Insights™. The placement assistance service is not limited to one specific industry. Furthermore, placements are dependent on a variety of variables which can vary from candidate to candidate. It is strongly recommended that prospective students thoroughly review the website and ask questions before enrolling.