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What is the Financial Analyst Program?

The Financial Analyst Program is a flagship offering of Beta Insights™ Professional Academy. It is a comprehensive online program designed by industry professionals with the motive of transferring their knowledge and experience to young graduates (MBA, BBA, B.Com, M.Com, MMS, CA, CFA, etc) and professionals keeping the changing requirements of the industries in mind.

This program includes real-time industry-based projects (which can also be represented as an internship) with live-mentoring sessions enabling students and professionals to become industry-ready with skills in Financial Modeling and Equity Research.

We cannot ignore the fact that there is a considerable gap between classroom education and what the industry is looking for. Industry trends inspire our training, projects, and modules under this program. We train and mentor students so that they can become significant stakeholders and be able to contribute to their personal development and collectively to the nation’s development.


8 Weeks Program with 14+ Live Sessions

Internship Project with Valutinum Advisory

Unmute Zoom and Ask Questions Live

Access to Recordings of the Live Sessions and Conceptual Pre-Recorded Videos

Module-Based Tests with 70% Passing Criteria

Performance Tracker

Peer Interaction, Group Activities and Networking

Internship Offer Letter and Internship Completion Certificate



Corporate Finance​

Module 1: Excel for Finance

Module 2: Finance Concepts

Financial Modeling

Module 3: Theoretical Concepts and Framework

Module 4: 3 Statement Financial Model

Module 5: Modeling from Scratch

Module 6: Forecasting Modeling

Module 7: Scenario Analysis

Corporate Valuation

Module 8: Intrinsic Valuation

Module 9: Relative Valuation 

Module 10: Performing Valuation (Excel)

Equity Research

Module 11: Financial Statement Analysis I

Module 12: Financial Statement Analysis II

Module 13: EIC Analysis

Module 14: Buy-side & Sell-side Research

Module 15: Tools and Technique

Module 16: Final Report drafting

Business Case Studies
  • Strategy
  • Corporate Governance
  • Mergers & Acquisition
  • Cost Management
  • Corporate Finance


Download the Program Summary, Deliverables, Benefits, Career Profiles and Detailed Program Timeline.

PROJECTS (internship) - What are you expected to do?


INR 7000 (incl. all taxes) | DURATION : 2 MONTHS



4th May

Sat & Sun 2 PM - 4 PM

3rd June

Mon & Thur 7.30 PM - 9.30 PM

6th July

Sat & Sun 2 PM - 4 PM

1st August

Mon & Thur 7.30 PM - 9.30 PM



Program Eligibility
  1. Students who are seeking a Finance Internship as a part of their curriculum.
  2. Students and Working professionals who have either graduated or are in their final year of graduation and are seeking a transition into core finance and finance-related roles.
  3. Any individual who is seeking to start their career in the Field of Finance.
  4. Degrees – B.Tech, B.Com, M.Com, BBA, MBA, BMS, MMS, and other parallel graduation degrees.
    Professionals – CA, CFA(appearing students).
  1. If you have completed an MBA, or you are pursuing it, this program can greatly benefit you. Let’s evaluate your positioning based on the following parameters:
    • Skills: Besides your syllabus, it is crucial to possess additional skills that are highly desirable in the market. These skills include building financial models, drafting reports, creating industry-standard presentations, developing dashboards, conducting business valuations, and solving complex business problems.
    • Relevant Exposure: Do you have practical exposure or experience in the form of live projects, internships, academic projects, or job experience in the core finance field? Such experience adds significant value to your profile.
    • Placement Trend: Analyze the placement trends of your college and identify relevant companies and profiles in the finance sector that align with your goals.

If any of these criteria are not up to par, our program can help you gain a competitive edge over your peers. It will bridge the gap between your current achievements and what the industry demands.

2. For CA and CFA qualifiers or semi-qualifiers, this program will enhance your profile by providing practical learning in various areas such as Credit Risk, Corporate Finance, Financial Modeling, Business Valuation, Equity Research, and more.

Having enthusiasm for learning is essential, and a love for finance can be an added bonus. Additionally, having a basic understanding of MS Excel can be beneficial for comprehending the Excel training sessions. However, apart from these prerequisites, it is our responsibility to deliver the necessary knowledge and skills to our students. We are committed to providing a comprehensive learning experience and supporting our students throughout their journey.

As students, we often learn various concepts and practice them through straightforward questions at the end of chapters. However, we may not always have the opportunity to experience the real-time application of those concepts. This training program aims to bridge that gap by providing students and professionals with a deeper understanding of concepts and their real-world applications.

By participating in this training, students gain a comprehensive overview of the concepts necessary to become a financial analyst. They develop skills and a keen eye for detail, which are crucial in pursuing a career as a financial analyst. Additionally, this training can open doors to other relevant core finance roles, including opportunities in investment banking.

To conclude, we cannot exclude Training from the Financial Analyst Program.

Program Details

Yes, the sessions are completely online.

Yes, the sessions are 100% live.

The Program(Training & Internship) will run for 8 weeks.

Each session will have a different schedule. Please refer to the Batch Dates section above. The timings have been planned in a way that helps students and working professionals to conveniently fit the live sessions into their regular schedules and attend them without difficulty.

Not all individuals have the same ability to grasp and learn content. Based on our experience with past batches, we have observed that an average student typically needs to dedicate approximately 50-60 hours over the course of 8 weeks to complete the program.

As the name suggests, Beta Insights “Professional Academy,” we value professionalism and expect the same from our students. We kindly request that you inform us in advance if you are unable to attend a session. All our live sessions are recorded for the benefit of our students. These recordings can be accessed for revision purposes or by students who may have missed the session and wish to watch it later.

The “live projects” offered in our program provide students with valuable “insights” into how a company operates, including the intricate details behind the scenes and how to solve various challenges. Additionally, students have the opportunity to “connect with talented individuals” from across the country and abroad, fostering “peer-to-peer learning” that contributes to “personal development” and the establishment of professional connections. In “live sessions”, students can directly interact with their mentor, enhancing the learning experience. These are just a few examples of the intangible benefits students can gain from our program.

Moreover, upon successful completion of the program, students receive a certificate as well as access to free materials. Additionally, they can include the designation of “Financial Analyst Intern” on their LinkedIn profiles, providing tangible benefits that can enhance their professional credentials.

2 Certificates
– Certificate in Financial Modeling and Equity Research.
– Project (Internship) Certificate.

The entire program is conducted online, with the program mentor delivering live sessions on the screen. All other students will be muted unless they are speaking. Doubts and questions are addressed in real-time, ensuring immediate clarification. The setup is designed to provide a hybrid learning experience that combines elements of one-on-one interaction.

Although the number of students in a session does not significantly impact the quality of the program, we have chosen to limit each session to 50 students. This limitation ensures that the program mentor is not overwhelmed and can effectively manage the needs and queries of all participants.

Placement Assistance

No, we do not provide Placement Assistance with the Financial Analyst Program.
However, we do offer Placement Assistance services with our Investment Banking Analyst Program.

No, we do not provide PPO.

Fee Details

The investment required for this program is INR 7000/- only. This modest investment in yourself will prove to be valuable in terms of the knowledge and skills you will gain throughout the program.

Currently, there are no instalment payment options available for the program. However, if someone has a genuine need for alternative payment arrangements, they can contact our team at Contact Us. Our team will assist and provide further guidance regarding the payment options.

The program does not have a refund policy. It is strongly advised that students carefully review the program details, including the website information, and ask any necessary questions before enrolling. This ensures that students have a clear understanding of the program and make an informed decision before committing to it.

The Financial Analyst Program does not offer discounts or scholarships. It is worth noting that the program fees are significantly lower compared to similar programs offered by other institutions, which typically range between 30K to 80K. We have already discounted the program fees to make it more accessible and affordable for all aspiring students.


The entire experience of training as well as internship was fun and educational, How? Whatever i knew about the world of finance either by books or some programwork this Internship helped me put together all those concepts and put out something presentable, at times our mentor took surprise presentation, as much as i was nervous that helped me boost my confidence while presenting my work before others. At last, the entire experience was wholesome and I would definitely recommend it. “IT’S WORTH IT”

Rohan Chauhan Delhi University

    First of all, I would like to thank the whole team of beta insight advisory for allowing me this internship opportunity. The past few months have been phenomenal and full of knowledgeable experience. Being an engineer, I thought that the core financial terms would be tough to grasp, and then doing all the assignments and projects would be challenging for me. But this internship has made it possible for me to do all these things and more in the most efficient way. I would like to thank Satyam Sir for his continuous guidance and for his easy-to-understand teaching style which makes it easier to understand all the concepts.

    Sagar Sanjay Shukla SIMSREE

      From this program I learned a lot about financial field. The program structure is so well designed that it serves as a stepping stone for people who wants to explore the field of finance. The live video sessions are filled with knowledge and experience followed by doubt solving. I would like to recommend this program for those who really have the zeal to work in the field of finance to enroll in this program and get a hands on experience.

      Sourav Mohite IMDR

        These two months of internship has been so informational and enlightening for me. I have gotten a whole new perspective of analyzing the financial statements of a company. This internship has helped to see my own potential and how much I actually have knowledge about the domain. I have learnt so many things in this internship. The training that I got here has helped me in my SIP report and college as well. My basics are now stronger than ever and I feel a little confident while performing a financial modeling. I would highly recommend this internship as you will actually be learning the core of finance. It is a great experience.

        Gauravi Kaushik IMS GHAZIABAD

          It was a great learning experience being a fresher, and with no prior interest, I could overcome various challenges with the support provided by the organization. The Team supported me in every situation, even during college circumstances and various other issues. I was able to learn and understand the core concepts of industry and valuation with the help of live sessions, case studies presentations, and projects with Q/a sessions with a mentor in case of any difficulties I was able to understand and work on my projects. With approx. 45 hrs. of live sessions and 12 hrs. of video sessions was a great learning experience for me.

          Keshav Sharma Christ (Deemed to be University)

            The training and internship provided by Beta Insights is one of the best thing I came across. Here from scratch everything is taught and the instructor is very friendly and very helpful. Extra sessions, doubt solving sessions are given by them whenever we need it. They are helping to build career in finance as I myself from technology background but had learned a lot during the training and internship program. I wish them all the best to develop upcoming many more internships for Finance domain professionals.

            Debatra Choudhury Jindal Global Business School