Financial Modeling Analyst Program

What is the Financial Modeling Analyst Program?

The Financial Modeling Analyst Program, your gateway to mastering the intricacies of financial modeling and valuation analysis. In today’s dynamic financial landscape, adept population of numerical data is essential. Our comprehensive program equips finance professionals with the skills to navigate complex financial scenarios confidently.

Through the Financial Modeling Analyst Program, students and working professionals will delve into advanced modeling techniques, exploring diverse methodologies tailored for strategic decision-making and business valuation. From dynamic forecasting to in-depth analysis, our curriculum covers a spectrum of topics, including advanced financial modeling techniques, quantitative analysis, and strategic decision-making frameworks. By integrating practical examples and real-world case studies, participants gain hands-on experience in crafting robust financial models, driving informed decision-making and strategic planning.

Join us and unlock the power of advanced financial modeling for transformative business insights and decision-making excellence. Whether you’re looking to enhance your analytical capabilities, explore new avenues in finance, or elevate your career prospects, the Financial Modeling Analyst Program offers a comprehensive learning experience designed to meet the evolving needs of finance professionals in today’s competitive landscape.



20+ Excel-based models and exercises

8 Live Zoom 1:1 doubt-clearing sessions

Beta Insights™ FM Capstone Projects

6 months access (online self-paced)

Performance evaluation metrics

Financial Modeling Database

Access to the Financial Modeling case database

Industry-recognized completion certificate


Additional career mentoring and guidance

Who should take this PROGRAM?

✔ Graduates 
    – who want to upskill and understand the relation between numbers and concepts
    – who want to decode the finer nuances of finance
    – who want to build their career in core finance profiles
    – who want to switch from a non-finance background to a finance specialization 

Professionals (MBA, CA, CFA, FRM, ACCA, CPA, CAIA, Corporate Finance Employee) 
    – who want to upgrade their resume and skillsets
    – who want to switch to finance
    – who want to feel more confident in their workplace 
    – who want to prepare for their next finance interview’s practical round


Building Blocks

• Topic 1 - Financial Statement Analysis
• Topic 2 - Business Drivers Understanding
• Topic 3 - Advanced Ratio Analysis
• Topic 4 - Industry & Sector Analysis
• Topic 5 - Finance Concepts

Financial Modeling Visualizations

• Topic 1 - Cover page, model structure & design
• Topic 2 - The Front End
• Topic 3 - Data Visualization & Dashboards

Preliminary Financial Modeling

• Topic 1 - Excel for Financial Modeling
• Topic 2 - Three Statement Modeling
• Topic 3 - Three Statement Modeling from Scratch (case-based)
• Topic 4 - Three Statement Modeling with Estimates
• Topic 5 - Three Statement Modeling with Projections

Advanced Financial Modeling

• Topic 1 - Building model with cash Sweep
• Topic 2 - Operational financial modeling
• Topic 3 -
Budgeting & Forecasting Modeling
• Topic 4 -
Sensitivity & Scenario Analysis
• Topic 5 - Listed company financial modeling
• Topic 6 - Sector-specific financial modeling (optional)
• Topic 7 -
Financial modeling case resources (15+ cases)


• Topic 1 - Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Analysis
• Topic 2 - Comparable Company Analysis (CCA)
• Topic 3 - Precedent Transaction Analysis
• Topic 4 - Valuation exercise (Comprehensive)


Beta Insights™ Capstone Project 1
Beta Insights™ Capstone Project 2
Beta Insights™ Capstone Project 3
**minimum one out of the three


INR 4999 (incl. all taxes) | DURATION : 2 MONTHS


Download Free Corporate Finance PDF
Download Free EIC Analysis PDF
Download Free Financial Modeling PDF
Download Free Valuation PDF



Enrolling in the Financial Modeling Analyst Program was one of the best decisions I've made for my career. The program's focus on real-world applications and case studies helped me develop the skills necessary to thrive in the finance industry.

Rohan Desai

This program exceeded my expectations. The instructors were knowledgeable and supportive, and the curriculum was both comprehensive and practical. I am grateful for the valuable insights I gained.

Neha Singh

I had been looking for a comprehensive financial modeling program for a while, and I'm glad I chose this one. The instructors were fantastic, the support staff was responsive, and the course materials were top-notch. It's definitely worth the investment!

Neha Gupta

Having a background in accounting, I wanted to expand my skill set to include financial modeling and valuation. This program was the perfect fit for me. The program's comprehensive curriculum covered a wide range of topics, from building financial models to conducting complex valuations. The self-paced learning approach allowed me to balance my studies with my professional commitments effectively. I am grateful for the valuable insights and practical skills I gained from this program.

Vicki Malhotra