a few words from our interns


Heena kauser

NMKRV College For Women

Had a great experience with this internship learnt from basic. A good start to start journey in finance field. Excel and modelling was thought from basic which will be help full for in the work place. The assignments helped us to understand the topics better and putting it in practical use.

Aniket Saxena

Delhi University

In one word, I would say it was fantastic. It was like an integration of so many little programs in itself. If you are a finance guy, then I’d recommend you to do this wonderful program. It will improve your critical thinking ability, which is required these days in almost each and every job. Everything was so systematic that I didn’t feel any problem at all. Everything was done within stipulated time frame.

Rohan Chauhan

Delhi University

The entire experience of training as well as internship was fun and educational, How? Whatever i knew about the world of finance either by books or some programwork this Internship helped me put together all those concepts and put out something presentable, at times our mentor took surprise presentation, as much as i was nervous that helped me boost my confidence while presenting my work before others. At last, the entire experience was wholesome and I would definitely recommend it. “IT’S WORTH IT”

Vyom Sharma

Christ(Deemed to be University)

It was a very smooth training program with lot of flexibility provided to us and in depth knowledge of all the concepts with practical knowledge has been given to us.



Internship was full of practical Learning. Every session contained knowledge, practical training, future aspect etc. Got the exposure to learn new things from instructor and Other Intern also.   

Arnav dumbhare

Yashwantrao Chavan Open University

This program helped me understand the basics of how the business operates. The bottom up approach helps you dwelve deep into core finance while relating it to the real world. All in all, had a wonderful experience which transformed into skills.

Nachiket Khatri

Gitarattan International Business School

In this time of online programs and edtech, getting to know and be a part of such a great training and internship program was such a delight. No doubt, it is the best Financial Analyst program that I have ever come across with such experienced and knowledgeable mentors and teachers. The way of teaching, the practical hands-on on different case studies, assignments, project, this is really an all in one package. It is worth investing your time and money in Beta Insights Professional Academy, and I can personally tell from my experience these people will never let you down.

Muhammed Zidane

IIT, Kharagpur

I am a fresher and an engineer. I have no prior experience or knowledge in finance. After this internship, I can with full confidence say that I have gained a lot of knowledge and insights pertaining to financial investments and analysis. The internship was knowledge packed and was delivered in a comfortable pace. The instructor had great amount of patience and cleared all my doubts instantly with clarity. The design and delivery of training module to promote discussion and collaboration among peers is something to be praised about.

Vishakha Agrawal

Vishakha Agrawal

As a fresher and coming from a non- commerce background, finance was completely new to me and I needed to learn the concept of finance so that I can pursue my career in finance as it always seems exciting to me, and Beta Insights training & internship program helped me not only to learn to basic concept of finance but also provided me the exposure to the practical knowledge of it by giving us assignments and projects so that we can apply our learning and improve on our skills, so I would like to extend my gratitude to whole Beta Insights team to give us this opportunity.

Shreyansh Sharma


Finally, the LinkedIn internship post has paid off for me. The internship has been an enriching experience for me. Learning about financial valuations and modelling from industry professionals and with the group exercises and projects has been the best. I am grateful to the instructors and the team to provide us with an organised internship program that involved case studies and industry examples.

Hrishikesh Biradar


Interning as a Financial Analyst at Beta Insights and Beta Insights Professional Academy was a fantastic experience for me. I was able to obtain significant experience dealing with real data while learning a lot about the financial analysis process. The training was well-organized, and the personnel provided excellent assistance and feedback.

Chirag Baisani


 My internship as a Financial Analyst for Beta Insights has been the most rewarding and motivational experiences I have ever had. Program has a dedicated internship coordinator and a mentor which guided us throughout our internship & training program. Projects I did during the program of internship helped me gain a deeper understanding of how a finance division works, including areas such as equity research, industry report and overview of Valuation of company.

Himanshi Sharma


This internship is a true definition of how to use time productively. It has helped me build my fundamentals stronger and improve my skill set through a better practical understanding of valuation and financial modeling. Training classes further helped in executing the internship projects and delivering a good output. The additional plus point was the continuous support and guidance from my mentor Mr. Satyam Parashar throughout the internship.I am glad that I did this internship!

Chahat Walia

Symbiosis College of Arts and Commerce

Being a part of the programme was a great experience, got an opportunity to connect and meet like-minded individuals, alongside also the practical learnings acquired made theoretical concepts easier to grasp and work on them.
In all, a complete learning experience, from basics to advance financial concepts.

Divya Singh


The training and internship program was really intensive and helped me learn a lot.I learnt how to perform due diligence of companies and what parameters needs to be judged to analyse an economy, industry, and company. I was exposed to a case study related to strategy – the internship for me was a mix of finance, modeling skills, and an understanding of strategy.

Akshay Agarwal


It was a wonderful experience at Beta Insights. To tell frankly I was skeptical in beginning about how the internship experience will be because I have had some bad past internship experiences. But the learning which I got from my 8 weeks long association with Beta Insights was perfect. I got to learn about lot of new concepts from area of finance something which will definitely help me in my future corporate endeavors.


Punjab University

The training and internship program helped in gaining valuable insights into the finance industry and has also helped significantly with the career planning. I developed a better understanding of the career path of a financial analyst through the internship, helping me to make an informed career decision. It was also very beneficial in terms of building networks and connections with the fellow interns at Beta Insights.

Rhea Dsouza

Alkesh Dinesh Mody Institute for Financial and Management Studies

The two months training and internship program at Beta Insights was a great learning experience. I learned a lot about Financial modelling and Valuation. I also learned how to make industry outook report and fundamental research reports. Thanks to Satyam sir for the engaging sessions and for solving our doubts and providing additional insights even after sessions. The projects and assignments helped me widen my perspective on the topics and improved my researching skills.

pranay vaghela

H L college of commerce

The training & internship was a really great learning experience! This program provides deep conceptual insights on equity research, financial modeling and business valuation. The program structure of the program was well established we got to learn so many things and the live sessions were really interactive. I highly recommend this program to each and everyone who are seeking career in finance domain.

Manasi Kadam


This Financial analyst training and internship program was really helpful for someone like me who is looking for guidance and practical experience in finance domain. I have gained some major skills such as financial modeling, Excel for finance, industry analysis, Business valuation through this program. Internship Projects helped me to develop my thought process in research field as well.


New Delhi Institute of management

The overall experience of the training is Amazing and full of learnings. I am a commerce grad and the internship helped me to revisit the forgotten basics of the finance which are quite essential . Also, the internship helped me to learn and polish my financial modeling skills and interpersonal skills as well. The projects under the internship were found to be very relevant and interesting. Overall experience of the internship is great.

Indraneel Deshmukh

Sanjay Ghodawat University

It was a wonderful experience, Training was up to the mark with industry needs and specifically helps with understanding the basics if you are new to finance. Training sessions are very interactive, Got to meet a lot of people from different backgrounds. Overall it was a very informative/fun training.

Sneha Celin Roy

Don Bosco Arts and Science College

Beta insight helped me a lot to get back into the finance field after a long gap.All the sessions and works really helped me to be confident in re entering the financial world.Through the 2 month internship i got more knowledge about finance field.

Yashas Raina

Amity University

It was a great experience and learning during this internship. I have learnt a lot of practical things which can be of use to me. The mentors are very helpful and understanding and go out of their way to help everyone. Overall it was a wonderful experience. I would highly recommend it to everyone!

Vipula Patel


Being someone who wants to have a career in Finance despite having a Science background is challenging and seems unfeasible.
But Satyam Sir has literally paved a path for me to enter into this field with utmost confidence and deep understanding of what Financial Analysis is. Sir along with his team have been wholeheartedly supportive and encouraging till the end of our training and internship period and have offered us help even beyond the term. Why I am speaking so highly of Satyam Sir is because the way he trained us is commendable as he starts from the very basic fundamentals for building up our concepts and take us to the advanced level. Can’t thank Beta Insights enough for having me onboard.

Dhruvil Mehta


Learning at Beta Insights has been really overwhelming. Being an engineer it was always going to be challenging task to take up a financial program. But it turned out be so good. Every topic was taught taken into consideration that even a person who does not know anything in the field of finance is able to learn comfortably and expand in that field. Mentors have been good, the group of people with whom I was learning has been good and overall very satisfied with the program. I will insist anyone who wants to take and move in the field of finance to take up this program/program.

Itishree Sahoo


I was curious enough to explore this opportunity when i first saw this on LinkedIn. I have learned a lot of things here in the training. Even if someone is beginner to finance then also no need to worry. Because our industry mentor will teach the most used finance terms first before diving deep into core finance subjects. If anyone want a sneak peak about how things work in real corporate finance jobs then this program is your solution. I got plenty of projects be it industry research & forecast, Due diligence & financial models to work on. So, overall it’s a thrilling experience for me to work as a financial analyst intern.

Shramitha Thiagarajan

St Joseph Institute of Management

The internship provided me a great understanding of various accounting and financial concepts. Satyam sir covered various accounting topics from the scratch like what is the meaning of revenue, P&L,etc.,.The internship slowly progressed from covering basics accounting terms to covering hardcore finance topics like financial modelling and valuations.In order to prepare you for work the internship also provides Excel training that is required for finance. In order to encourage team-work the internship provides case study to be worked on and presented by the group members. Overall the internship provided me a great learning experience. it made be confident about my financial concepts.

Keyur Atmaram Mahadik


The Financial Analyst Program was very well curated and conducted. I personally learnt a lot of Finance concepts, techniques and best industry practice methods which one could only learn while working in a corporate job. The overall experience has been transformational for me and the program gives you good exposure to the corporate world in a very warm and efficient manner. The team is very helpful and try to arrange everything which will add value to your learning journey. I have learnt to adopt helpful and warm culture from the team apart from financial concepts.

Subham Nayan

Balaji Institute of Modern Management

The overall training was good. We were taught from scratch that how to make cash flow, analysis company’s operations and building the financial model. Each and every session was taken seriously and actual practical knowledge was given. Moreover, the gap between the bookish knowledge and the corporate knowledge was filled up. And in respective of internship the work was properly allocated and core finance work was given. The best part I liked was that all my assignments and internship projects were reviewed properly, even I was appreciated for my work and I was guided were I am wrong in my work. Even the whole team always was available and responded to all my messages which I personally liked very much. Thank You

Mallika Gulati


I has a great experience as this was my first ever internship. I got to learn about basics of finance and the real life application . Also using excel for financial modelling was a first for me. The projects helped in gaining an insight on how things work in real life and what parameters are to be kept in mind while making important decisions that affect company and its growth. The mentors have been really supportive and this could not have been a good experience without their guidance.



I m very grateful to get training from this program, after several training session and multiple tasks assignment made me fell confidence in core finance, because someone comming from tech background not essay to cache everything or understand easily but this program design very well structure and covered basics to advance level practically knowledge, so I m 100% recommend to hwo looking for this opportunity, and there team and program mentor always connected to us and always ready to solve any problem or and other issues.

Saikat Mukherjee


The learnings were very informative. The overall program structure was best to look out for. The way our training was held was very commendable and it was done in a very structured way. From basics of finance to all high end discussions were structured in a very systematic manner. Overall I had a great learning experience and will take this learning forward.

Rahul Mohanty

KIIT School of Management

This was my first ever internship and I must say that the journey was roller coaster ride. The training made me understand what the financial analyst do. We could actually co-relate the theory with actual work through various real-time exercises. So all in all the training and the internship helped me to gain the understanding the finance as whole.

Shikhar Goel


My Internship experience was really good. Being an MBA student, with finance as majors, it was really important for me to get hands on experience with financial modelling and valuation and that will definitely help me in securing good college placements.

Heet Sheth


As an engineer with a very limited knowledge in finance, this internship helped me learn the finance from basics in a very simple yet effective way. The program content in the training period is very useful and effective. Faculty has been very supportive and engaging throughout the internship. Overall it has been very fruitful experience.

Paras MAheshwari


The internship was comprise with insightful sessions covering all the doubts and concepts , it also includes different case studies to gets the hands on experience on the concepts. It covers concepts related to valuation , financial modelling and other . After this internship i get the knowledge about how to do dcf valuation and also it gives me the hand on experience by working on the real company.



Its been a great learning experience with Beta Insights. The lectures were well organized, structured and sequenced perfectly from lighter topics to the challenging ones. Special thanks to Satyam and Shantanu, your sessions were engaging and resourceful. The whole internship was very much worth the time and effort.

Suyash Waghmare


My experience was very good. I learned about core finance topics includes- Ratio Analysis, Cash Flow Statement , Valuation, Equity Research etc. I also got opportunity to work on projects which bring an advantage in my profile. As a Financial Analyst intern I got to learned about how to build a Financial Model. This experience will helps me a lot in my future career.


Christ (Deemed to be University)

We all agree that hands-on experience is the best, and internships provide students with the practical training they require. To build important talents that one can’t learn in a classroom, in my opinion, high-quality internships are crucial. Working for someone else, as opposed to working for oneself as one does in college, requires distinct abilities like multitasking, communicating, learning to cope with diversity, and dealing with deadlines. A fantastic approach to network in the business is through internships. All of which I could achieve through this wonderful summer internship programme. At first, I was dreading it, but now I’m so glad it was necessary.

Duke Raina


My experience was fantastic. I was able to learn a great deal of ideas and how to construct a model from scratch. Even said, valuation is a skill that you may develop with time. The same was the emphasis of the internship. It exposed me to many models that one can come across as well as various approaches to looking for solutions. Definitely learn from Valutinum if you’re just getting started in the finance industry. They are also kind enough to have extended the submission deadline for us even though I had to miss a number of the online training sessions due to work responsibilities.

Nancy Crasto

St. Joseph's Institute of Management

The Internship revolved more around learning and the learning went on for more than 4 weeks, valuation part of the internship should be given more time as it is an important part of the whole internship. The internship should be more on hand on job experience rather than just learnings. Overall the learnings were really helpful but I was looking forward to work on actual job of the company. The team was really helpful and always ready to help with any queries. The case studies really helped to get insights about financial frauds.

Paras Maheshwari


The internship consists of knowledgeable sessions covering each and every concepts in very effective way and the case studies that was provided gives the practical implementation of the concepts and the projects that was to solved gives the hand on experience of valuation and forecasting. It helps me in covering all concepts in a very easy and effective way.

Sourav Mohite


From this program I learned a lot about financial field. The program structure is so well designed that it serves as a stepping stone for people who wants to explore the field of finance. The live video sessions are filled with knowledge and experience followed by doubt solving. I would like to recommend this program for those who really have the zeal to work in the field of finance to enroll in this program and get a hands on experience.

Anisha paul

BIMM pune

I got the real exposure of valuation. More in deapth details have been provided by the company. They basics concepts have been cleared. Moreover overall amazing experience.
It’s a overall development of financial topics. Every student from various background can even understand this topics clearly. More attempst has been made regarding the concept foundation.

Indraneel Nimkar

Model College Dombivli

This 2 months internship helped me alot to understand many many finanical aspects which i could not learn in my bachelors. The excel sheets, projects have given a very good view to solve all things learnt in the internship. Recorded lectures and access to very useful and easily understandable notes of each and everything was an add on which helped alot. I feel great to be a part of this journey. Thank you.

Rishabh Sachan

Amity University

The experience was beneficial; I learned a lot about how experts cope with problems and do appraisals. I was also introduced to a brotherhood of outstanding students from different universities, whose hard work and dedication pushed me to accomplish more. I was worried about my lack of expertise coming into the class, but looking at company financials is lot easier and less daunting. I’m pleased I attended the programme to help develop my foundation and get started, especially because we got to observe genuine experts at work.

naina bansal

Bennett University

I feel like I’ve learned so much knowledge and real-world insight in the last few months that I greatly loved my summer internship and now have extremely useful experience under my belt. I’m sure this will come in handy when I’m seeking for work and need references. I was fearing it at first, but now I’m glad it was necessary. It has been a beneficial ending to my formal education.” It was an extremely wonderful experience that provided me with life skills.

Thoufeek A

Christ University, Bangalore

The 2 months internship program gave me good knowledge on how to analyze financial statements more effectively and ratio analysis. I have also learned how to do financial modeling and equity valuation which would help me to survive in a competitive corporate world. I have also learned on advanced excel.

Nabin Ghosal


Got practical exposure to corporate world got to learnt a lot which will be a great asset for future this internship will make you to come out of your comfort zone and explore new things and learn new things and concepts.

Sivadanush B

Singapore Institute of Management - University of London

It was immersive learning and where I really was able to hone my skills. Whereas the training and live interactive sessions helped me a lot in building my knowledge and socialising skills, I was so happy to be working with the batch-mates who were all from different professions but were all united by the common goal of learning more and improving my financial skills.


Amity University, noida

I had a great experience during internship. Everyone, be it the industry guide or peers, were really helpful! My knowledge has widened. I would like to thank you for bringing such an amazing platform for finance.

Shreya singhi


This journey with BETA Insights was very insightful and the experience, I have gained from here would definitely help me in my corporate journey. Currently am pursuing PGDM in Finance and the tasks and learning here would really help me to excel in Finance job, they have set this programme so well that will help you in your near future.

Siddhant Salve

Ajinkya D.Y Patil University Pune

My overall experience has been great. I was pushed to work outside my comfort zone but in the end I pulled through. I would recommend this program for any one trying to understand finance on a cerebral level. This program is a great entry point for anyone trying get into the realm of finance and trying to solidify themselves in the world of finance. The projects that I was assigned were perfect suit for me as an amateur, they will most definitely hold significance in my future endeavors.

Zabiulla N

Christ University

The training programme was really well designed and helpful in giving an excellent platform to improve knowledge and abilities, where I got the chance to present my opinions and participate in discussions. It gave me an excellent opportunity to network and communicate with people from all backgrounds. Everything was made obvious throughout training, including concepts, proper work allocation, and doubt clearing sessions.

Ankit Kapoor

Jagannath International Management School

Absolutely, working with Beta Insights was a wonderful experience. I discovered many incredible things about finance, including financial modelling and equities valuation. I learned a tonne about myself over my time with the firm. Being a member of the company’s training and internship programme makes me feel fortunate.

Ritvik Saini


The two months training and internship program helped me in learning about financial modeling and valuation. The training was started from the scratch and it helped in expanding my skill set in this domain. It also helped me in learning about equity research report and how an industry research is done.

Satyam Kumar Shahi


I am a fresher from non-commerce background currently doing MBA from LBSIM. From my experience during these months, I can definitely say that it was really a great learning period for me. The best part was that the way they trained can master even those who are Studying Finance for the first time in their life. Each and everything were taught to us right from the ABCD of finance during the training. Because of this, it got like a cherry on the cake for me as it helped me to clear each and every concept right from the beginning. Yes definitely I had to work hard, it was hectic but now since I have finally completed the training+ internship I am happy to say that my knowledge in this domain has multiplied, practically mostly, and simultaneously it has boosted my confidence to a whole new level.

Ujwal Nasare

Dhanwate National College, Nagpur

This summer’s internship was fantastic, and I’ve gained a lot of extremely useful experience. I’m confident that this will be useful for obtaining references for jobs. At first, I was dreading it, but now I’m so glad it was necessary. I hope that class stays the same despite how often the content is changed. As my internship comes to an end, I keep track of everything I have learned and recognize what a great experience this has been. I learned a lot in the sessions, but having hands-on experience has been beneficial. An internship, in my opinion, is very beneficial to a student or a fresher. It is merely a tiny taste of reality. It supported my understanding of accountability, concentration, desire, and ambition. When it came to integrating the internship programme into the financial analysis curriculum, I think Beta Insights did an outstanding job.

Gaurav Singh Mahra


This training and internship program help me once again to go through basics. Then, the live training helping me to understand the new concepts which is essential for core finance carriers. After study, the modules help us to implement the concept in the real problem. This training also help us to build a connection and focused on peer learning which also help in preparing major projects. The live classes would provide great learning of subject and also life experiences. The projects is well crafted so we can utilise all learning on those projects and after that they evaluate each and every project and give suggestions which is best part so, it give the space of more learning and do better.

Sasikiran Kodavanti


The internship programme was extremely educational, and I had a great time listening to the training, and finishing my internship work. The training was paced perfectly, covering the basics and taking it to the professional level in the stipulated time. I have learnt many new concepts, and have gotten a much deeper understanding of the concepts that I already studied. The internship project helped me understand the world of finance, and the role of an analyst in a deeper way, aiding in my decision on what I want to pursue as a career.

Keshav Sharma

Christ University

It was a great learning experience being a fresher, and with no prior interest, I could overcome various challenges with the support provided by the organization. The Team supported me in every situation, even during college circumstances and various other issues. I was able to learn and understand the core concepts of industry and valuation with the help of live sessions, case studies presentations, and projects with Q/a sessions with a mentor in case of any difficulties I was able to understand and work on my projects. With approx. 45 hrs. of live sessions and 12 hrs. of video sessions was a great learning experience for me.

Gauravi Kaushik


These two months of internship has been so informational and enlightening for me. I have gotten a whole new perspective of analyzing the financial statements of a company. This internship has helped to see my own potential and how much I actually have knowledge about the domain. I have learnt so many things in this internship. The training that I got here has helped me in my SIP report and college as well. My basics are now stronger than ever and I feel a little confident while performing a financial modeling. I would highly recommend this internship as you will actually be learning the core of finance. It is a great experience.

Mrunmayi Phatak


It was a great learning experience. The internship and training program has improved my confidence . Got to learn a lot about financial analysis from the basics. All the commercial due diligence and industry outlook report made me think more and apply the learnings.

Rushali Aggarwal

Shiv Nadar University

This was my first internship and I must say it is worth the time and money. Being just a fresher in my bachelors this internship helped me in understanding the real world of finance. It is a well structured and interactive program. Another plus point was the excel sessions for me. The instructors are very helpful and share valuable advices. For all those who are looking for building a strong base in finance this internship is a must.

Dhruv garg

IILM University

The training program was very insightful as it enhances our skills or help us gain the skills which are required for internship.there were lot of assignments curated for our indepth learning experience. It was a good internship to gain practical exposure of finance consulting company.

Kalpesh Mahajan


The program is very insightful. I got to learn in detail about how to do financial analysis, financial modelling, due diligence and how to make reports. The knowledge is not just theoretical but we are trained to use that knowledge for practical purpose and are given projects keeping that in consideration. The mentor guides you well through out the process making sure you take the utmost advantage of the program at the same time is stringent wherever deemed necessary. I personally felt an amazing overall growth because of this internship and training program.

Pankaj kumar

Noida Institute Engineering & Technology

As an experienced individual who was looking for a profile change, this internship program was of great advantage. I joined as a newbie in this program to learn about financial analysis and now with confidence I can say that I have immensely up-skilled myself in this domain, thank you to Beta Insights team. If someone wants to start there career as a Financial Analyst or as an Analyst/Associate in a firm this internship can help you in gaining real world knowledge through various assignments and projects.

Abhimanyu Kanotra

Army Institute of Technology

As an experienced individual who was looking for a profile change, this internship program was of great advantage. I joined as a newbie in this program to learn about financial analysis and now with confidence I can say that I have immensely up-skilled myself in this domain, thank you to Beta Insights team. If someone wants to start there career as a Financial Analyst or as an Analyst/Associate in a firm this internship can help you in gaining real world knowledge through various assignments and projects.

Snigdha Goel


It has been, one of the best finance internship provided in India so far. This internship will give you insight and training of every financial concepts, annual report study, 3 statement analysis, projections and DCF Valuation. Above all you will be given the opportunity to do the due diligence check for two startups and to do the fundamental and equity Analysis of industry.

Sayan Bose


A perfect starting point for someone who wishes to enter into the domain of finance. A balanced program of live sessions and projects. One great feature of this program is that it offers a learning platform as well as a community that encourages to learn, interact and provide regular feedbacks. I’d recommend this to anyone who wants to learn the basics of strategy, modelling and valuation in a comprehensive manner.

Siddhant Shubham

Shaheed Bhagat Singh Evening College, University of Delhi

I will say the experience was good and I learnt many new things like how to value a company from scratch and how to build a financial model from scratch. Besides Commercial due diligence, Industry Analysis etc. were all in the curriculum which provides basic foundational skills for Corporate finance job.

Kunjan Kalbhairav

MIT Art, Design & Technology University

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Satyam Sir and Shantanu Sir for making this training and internship a fun going activity supplied with immense knowledge of finance. It has really changed my outlook towards finance and financial statements. I would describe the learning curve to be inclined towards practicality of the theoretical framework. Overall it was the best learning experience I could ever have!



The training and internship provided by Beta Insights Professional Academy is one of the best thing I came across. Here from scratch everything is taught and the instructor is very friendly and very helpful. Extra sessions, doubt solving sessions are given by them whenever we need it. They are helping to build career in finance as I myself from technology background but had learned a lot during the training and internship program. I wish them all the best to develop upcoming many more internships for Finance domain professionals.

Shreya Mitra

Vinoba Bhave University, Hazaribagh

The overall experience with Beta Insights Professional Academy has been really amazing as the training and internship program helped me in acquiring relevant skills and knowledge in the finance domain. Also it provides opportunity to interact with the instructor/mentor who are highly supportive and experienced. My special thanks to Satyam Sir and Shantanu Sir for their valuable guidance and support throughout the training and internship program.

Faizan Akhtar


My overall experience of training and internship from valutinum advisor was extremely knowledgeable and insightful i got the financial modeling, Fundamental analysis, Ratio of calculation operation on excel with financial statements with numbers.

Prachi Thaware

G. H. Raisoni Institute of management and research, Nagpur

I learned more than I ever expected. I feel empowered to be successful through the tools I have learned throughout this process. I have learned how to properly maintain financial statements. This Training was really good and helpful.

Indraneel Nimkar

Model College Dombivli

The 2 months internship was really a great way to understand and learn so many new things in the finance world. Being a fresher everything I learnt was a add on to my knowledge and skills and it help me grow in finance industry.

Anurag Singh


It was a really great experience for me as I am a naive in this finance field and beta insights gave me that support to start my journey. Also with the help and guidance of satyam sir I got to know various new things with the help of practical knowledge. Also thank you to Arpan sir. 

R.Dharsana Gandhi

KLN college of engineering

The program is curated in such a way, you start from basics of excel and end up creating financial models with ease, coming from a non-finance background I gained interest in financial modelling through the flow of the program. A very genuine and efficient program, I have done recently.

Prachi Chate


It was overall a great journey which helped me learn various Industry aspects in the field of finance. It upskilled my analytical and practical thinking structure due to the perfect assignments and projects we had. The training program and the Internship part was overall the great journey for me. I hope to meet this team again. Thanks very much!

Sanket Chikane


I had a great time being a part of Valitunum Advisory. I improved my technical skills and had an amazing experience working with the organization. During my internship, I learned all the skills a Financial Analyst should have. I learned about the different fields and scope a Finance industry can provide. I worked on various financial modeling cases, performed a technical and fundamental analysis of the industries, conducted an industry outlook report.

Pratik Deshmukh

Prin. L. N. Welingkar Institute of Management Development and Research

The training program was very helpful to me. Contrary to the regular training programs which are more theoretical, the training provided here was more focused on practical based like we were need to solve a case study. Also the modules that they provide that we needed to submit were crucial in making my foundation relating to private equity strong.

Vrinda Sekhsaria

Christ (Deemed to be University)

As a fresher, the program is well-suited to get a bird’s eye view of the finance industry. The training sessions were engaging and our mentors were experienced professionals who supported us all way long. The sessions helped me gain insights on creating a basic financial model, DCF valuation, industry reports, and equity research reports. Overall, the sessions were very insightful and the learning outcomes helped me expand my knowledge base in various financial concepts.

Jeresh Charles

Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, Kolkata

The experience was good, I got to learn a lot about how professionals actually deal with situations and how valuations are conducted. I was also exposed to a fraternity of excellent students from other colleges whose work and discipline inspired me to do more. I was fearful of the my lack of knowledge coming into the program but I find it much easier and less intimidating to look at balance sheets and income statements. I am glad I joined the program to help build my base and start somewhere especially given that we got to experience real professionals at work.

Lohan Koka

NMIMS Hyderabad

The 2-month training and internship at Insights School of Business and Beta Insights Business Advisory was a great learning experience. I was given the opportunity to work on various projects, which helped me to expand my skill set and get a better understanding of equity research and valuation. Working here not only helped me to acquire new skills but also to build new connections with my fellow teammates. The trainers too guided us on every step and equipped us with the necessary skills and knowledge that are essential for a Financial Analyst.

Jaswant patil

G. H. Raisoni Institute of Management and Research, Nagpur

Being a candidate for this program. It was a very good experience to work with the beta insight team there are so nice to the students. I got to learn a lot about how professionals deal with situations and how valuations are conducted. They clear everything every doubt and the way they teach is nice. because before I join this program I don’t know anything about finance but now I can say this I know what is finance ..how to make f.m models and how finance works in the industry and both sirs were too friendly to talk ..beta insight make the path easy for me to make the career in finance Because my goal is to become a financial manager. Thank you.

Rohit Vilas Mali

Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai

The instructor at Insights School of Business was very helpful and guided us at every step during entire program. I got to learn many amazing things in finance such as equity valuation and financial modelling and had hands on experience on them and got very insightful learnings out of it in this program.

Usha Nair

Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies

The time with the firm was a one with tremendous learning and self assessment for me. The Training model was well-designed to accomadate even the slightest of doubts and the basics which help understand the concepts better. The numerous research reports have been a boon to understand the industry and the functioning of an organization better.

Ashish Raj

Indian Institute of Management Kashipur

Being a candidate of this program, I highly recommend this opportunity to everyone seeking career in Finance domain. This course provides deep conceptual insights on equity research, financial modelling and business valuation. The best feature of this program is its course structure. I thank Satyam sir and Arpan sir for their guidance and insights.

P Ramya

Pondicherry University

I learned a lot about financial modeling and valuation through this training. It was pretty clear right from the basics and also the study material provided was very useful. Thanks to the Satyam sir for constantly guiding us throughout the training.

Alankita Gupta

Center for Management Studies Jain University

I got the opportunity to learn financial valuation & modelling, making industry overview reports and financial research. I also got to network with likeminded people who also want to pursue finance as a career. The projects helped me gain valuable insights as to what a financial analyst would do on a day to day basis.

Aditi Junghare

Welingkar Institute of Management Mumbai

For somebody like me who had no finance background at all and who was beginner in finance ,the programme was enriching.It introduced me to the new terms like football field n all.Even if it was all not detailed (I understand the time constraints),it was still insightful. I remember in one of the few sessions ,I could not catch up with the pace. But I then learnt how to do it.loved the way Satyam sir conducted this programme .Thank you.

Ayush Beniwal


My experience with the program was pretty decent. I learned a lot about the role of financial analyst a lot and my mentor Mr. Satyam was really helpful in clearing any doubt that came my way. He taught us profoundly about valuation and how to make a financial model and helped us to improve the scope of our knowledge in finance. The sessions were esoteric and the amount of knowledge parted our way by the mentor was extensively profound .Furthermore, I had the opportunity to gain the in-depth knowledge of being a financial analyst and get hands-on experience for the same on my internship which would surely be reflected in my future endeavors.

Vivek Siddhartha

NMIMS Hyderabad

Having done my internship from 3-4 companies, my opinion of Insights School of Business stood apart. The learning sessions where we are served guidance on different aspects required by the financial analysts helped me and I think many others like me. There are very few companies which gives the exposure to the work done by them for their clients. I believe this imparting of live projects helps the interns and make them ready for their future. Coming from an Arts background our mentor started with the basics and made me comfortable with the concepts. I was very new to the concept of financial modelling. The tasks like due diligence and valuation made me aware of what I was lacking and what to work upon to be a better analyst in the future. I would like to thank the team to for the training and internship as it really helped me.

Diksha Kamat

Christ (Deemed to be University)

As the name itself, Insights school of business, it was indeed a insightful learning experience. Though it was online, the teaching method was excellent and easy to learn with complete liberty to ask doubts. We had a training session on financial valuation and this training and the project helped me to overcome the fear and hesitant of financial valuation. Also we had key term sheets which helped us to have knowledge of financial concepts which was very much required at this stage. Overall a very informative and fruitful training sessions with good demonstration of concepts. Thank you for such an informative and interactive sessions. Last but not least, I would like to thank our instructor for guiding and motivating us and not just on the academic guidance but also for future career guidance.

Sakshi Khangar

Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai

Insights School of Business has provided me with invaluable education and assistance at every point of time. The concepts of Equity, Valuation and Financial Modelling were described in a clear and understandable manner. During the training, I gained more knowledge about an array of subjects in the Finance domain. I sincerely appreciate the team’s efforts.

Joseph Thomas

Christ (Deemed to be University)

When I signed up for the training and internship programme I was in doubt as to whether I could handle it as I had no background in finance or accounting and as I am pursuing a Bsc degree but after the training I was able to understand numerous financial statements and got to know about different techniques and terminologies in the industry. I convey my thanks to the whole team at the company and especially to our mentor Satyam Sir.

Abhishek Vanjari


The Financial Analyst Program (FAP) offered by Insights School of Business helped me gain a great understanding and practical exposure of the financial Industry. It covered both the basic concepts and core concepts of finance which helped me to gain domain knowledge. I learned a lot within a span of 2 months, this was an insightful training program.

John Goldwin

XIME, Bangalore

It was a fantastic opportunity to learn from people who were much more approachable than I expected. Concepts and topics that initially seemed and sounded a bit too complex were explained by the mentor very proficiently and in a way that was easy to understand. The sessions were always exciting as they were highly interactive. Seemed to be a perfect fit for freshers like me. 10/10. Would recommend anytime.

Reddyvari Sravya

Christ (Deemed to be University)

The program which is offered is packed with projects of all domains. I am an engineering background student but the trainings offered are easily understood. I learnt many concepts ahead of my classmates from this internship. It was an excellent training and internship program offered. I also suggest this to others.

Richa Jain Porwal

Christ (Deemed to be University)

It was well planned program where a person would know its ability and interests. I personally liked equity research part and gained more knowledge and did in-depth research on various industries. Also, a person would understand why assumptions are made and on what basis for any company’s projections.

Vandana Nayak

Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies

The training was all in all a captivating experience. All the concepts were covered with a fine tooth comb and any further doubts of interns were clarified very carefully. Case studies, discussions, live examples and real life solutions were an everyday affair. All these activities helped interns have a well rounded exposure towards the industry along with a guiding light towards the right approach. I’m certain that these learnings will surely lead the way later onto our corporate lives!

Darshan Satish Chaudhari

Welingkar Institute of Management Development and Research

Training program was really exhaustive. no matter how hard the concept was, our mentor started everything from scratch making it easy for everyone to understand and making us competent enough to apply it during internship project effectively. Working on valuation project, I got to know about various important parameters for projections as well as indicators of companies growth or decline and how valuation is crucial for investors. The program made us aware about current corporate practices, news time to time along with our training and I liked that most.

Promit Ganguly

Christ (Deemed to be University)

This financial analyst program is one of the best training and internship program in the finance field. The training provided is top notch and the projects given were interesting and insightful. The program also helped to learn various concepts and how to apply those concepts to the actual field. The projects helped us to gain insights about how various industry operates and the various growth and revenue drivers of the industry. I really want to thank the company for giving me this opportunity.

Pius Pinto S

Christ (Deemed to be University)

First ever professional training received. Loved to learn different aspects of finance, from industry research to fundamental analysis of a company. Proper interaction and training methods. Wouldn’t have had a better choice than beta insights especially doing it online in this pandemic situation. Internship was challenging enough, and has stimulated me to put more effort in my strengths and weaknesses. Definitely in my recommendations list for people who’d want to get started in financial career path.

A Y Balaji

Christ (Deemed to be University)

The Financial Analyst Program turned out to be greater than my expectations. Learning is nurtured here and the environment of learning was good. With a lot of projects in hand, it helped me develop maintain time, ensure accuracy and also expand my learnings in an effective way. Mentor’s/ guidance faculties were approachable at our convenience.

Seerat Fayaz

Christ (Deemed to be University)

The training was good and provided and in depth knowledge of the topics involved. Key term Sheet helped in knowing a lot of new terms and processes associated with those terms. For me highlight was the industry research report, i enjoyed evaluating industries before and after COVID 19. Also Modelling and valuation were quite okay. Fund raising project was a blast as well, to evaluate an actual company gave a thrill.

P. Lavanya

Christ (Deemed to be University)

Well, I have learned about valuation which was a new concept to me and was not done in college yet, so getting hands-on experience on something new was challenging and interesting. The training added flavor to the project which was unique in this organization. The concepts and framework of SIP will definitely add value to my knowledge and resume. Learning about Financial modeling will make my life easier and useful which I admire and felt happy about from the SIP Journey undergone here! The training and project structure was a unique and great source of learning. At least now I can confidently say I do know about valuation and concepts associated with it, which I am happy for. Overall it was happy learning for 8 weeks

Sneh Sudha Ojha

Christ (Deemed to be University)

I had a good learning experience from the training sessions conducted along with the internship. I got the opportunity to work on four different projects. The projects belong to different industries which helped me to gain understanding and in-depth information about the industries. The training sessions helped me to understand how to do the valuation of a company. Business valuation was a new concept which I learnt during the sessions. The training sessions helped me to build my analytical skills related to the financials of the company and the training sessions on financial modeling and business valuation will also help me in the future projects.

Karan C V

Christ (Deemed to be University)

I thoroughly enjoyed the financial analyst program this summer and now have very valuable experience under my belt. I know this will help when looking for jobs and needing references. I was dreading it in the beginning, but now I am so happy it was required. We all know that practical experience is the best, and internships give students that hands-on experience they need. I feel that quality internships are essential to develop key skills that we can’t get in a classroom. Skills such as multitasking, communicating, learning to deal with diversity, and dealing with deadlines are different when we are working for someone else, not for us like how we do in the college. Internships are also a great way to network with people in the industry.

Nithyashree C V

Christ (Deemed to be University)

The training program was very helpful for me as I get to learn most of the new finance concepts. It enhanced my research, analytical, and excel skills. All the concepts were taught from scratch, and the practice exercises helped me to revise the concepts. Training sessions helped me in better understanding the real-time projects. I was never afraid to ask my doubts and always got answers to my questions. I would like to thank Satyam Sir for teaching us the concepts and methodology. Because of the proper understanding of the concepts, I was able to learn and complete all the projects on time.

Anas Patanwala

Welingkar Institute of Management Development and Research

The experience was pretty good , Arpan sir along with Satyam Sir were very helpful , they cleared all the doubts that I had in regards to have the financial market works , the explanation was crisp and on point . Before joining this program I had no idea how the financial world works but now I feel like I know a bit and all thanks to insights school of business and Beta insights advisory for the same . I would highly recommend this course for everyone looking out to make their career in the finance domain

R M Vivek Naidu

Christ (Deemed to be University)

Training and learning at Insight School of Business was full of knowledge gaining. All sessions conduct was very systematic manner, more over they understand the current situation. The Insight School of Business gave major importance to health rather than work. More than being mentor or teacher they turned out to be friends. I was very worried about online internship as I had a inner feeling that online internship will not be worth like offline internship, but the company proved that online internship is more beneficial than offline.

Ritarshi Chakraborty

Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, Vinod Gupta School of Management.

The training was very intense and thorough and I learnt a lot of valuable lessons that built a solid groundwork on Finance. The projects given where very relevant and highly beneficial for getting a solid grasp on finance. I highly recommend it to anyone looking forward to upskilling in finance, particularly for people like me who had no previous background in Finance.

Jeevan G

Christ (Deemed to be University)

This program gave me a good exposure to various fields in finance through different projects. The training helped me in building basic skills required for a career in finance. I really liked the concept of flexible deadlines, it allowed me to do projects with out any stress. Satyam sir was very good and he could convey the information clearly. I felt it a bit challenging to do financial modeling, but the training and doubt clearing sessions helped me to a very good extent.

Shantanu Verma

Amity Business School

The experience at Insights School of Business Financial Analyst Intern Program was highly immersive with standard exceeding training and comprehensive learning. This opportunity is a key in itself for unlocking other opportunities that might not be approached without this program. This program was one of the best I have ever experienced so pertaining to that the expectations were not only met but even surpassed.

Bharti Aswani

Samrat Prithviraj Chauhan Government College, Ajmer

Amazing platform where anyone can get experience from real projects and give a chance to connect with different field of expertise. We not only learn from different projects but people who may be from different field as there is a saying “One of the most important areas we can develop as professionals is competence in accessing and sharing knowledge “. I have gained skill and knowledge and be able to put it in practice in different projects is the best part.

Sanjana Yegateela

Christ (Deemed to be University)

This was my first time working with real time data and it helped me understand the extent of how finance works in the real world. Mr. Satyam was very supportive and he guided me throughout the internship. He helped me understand the skills and knowledge needed to be a good financial analyst and I am going to work on it to improve myself.

Rohit Vyaghra

Symbiosis Institute of Business Management

I loved each and every moment of the program. Learned a lot of things which are surely going to help me for my future. I have cleared all my doubts and understood all the concepts which are required for any financial analysis. I have also gained an insight into the industry and how it functions and what skills are required for getting the job done.

Sarvesh Vyas

Institute of Management, Nirma University

The program is worth what you pay for and in the most professional way the company teaches various new concepts that are not taught with enough diligence even in premier B-Schools. The method of teaching and weekly assignments make the experience even better as it eventually ends up helping the students to learn more and also provides an exposure with students from around the country, interacting with them helps peer to peer learning. Beta insights provides a platform to freshers and to experienced students to grow and shine brighter in every aspect.

Akshay J

IFMR Graduate School of Business, Chennai

I was a total newcomer to the area of finance, but slowly with the help of the seamless guidance provided by Satyam sir, I was able to gain an idea of how to go about the whole process. Working on the projects helped me in improving my domain knowledge and in finding my flaws. Finally, I wanted to thank everybody who worked on and off the screen for providing me the opportunity even at these tough times.

Reshma singh


This is the first time I have attended a class in this format and wondered how effective it would be.The faculty was very professional and there were no problems with connectivity,I came to the class already with some knowledge of the program, but learned a good deal more thanks to your Insights School of Business.

Yashraj Amin

Anil Surendra Modi School of Commercece

During the whole process I’ve come across people with similar levels of passion and interest for the finance. Connecting with such peers enabled me to look at finance and world in general with a whole lot of new perspectives and we even developed ideas and solved some quirky problems together. Overall throughout this experience I cherish the friends that I’ve made and the perspectives that I’ve gain, which I’d be carrying forward to the future.

Aishwarya Ganesh Gujare

SIES School of Business Studies

The sessions held were very insightful. Being completely new to the concept of Financial modelling & valuation, these session helped me a lot to understand the basics of these concepts. I am sure it would help in implementing those techniques & procedures in my further cases & tasks in future.

Mann Manik

The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda

The thoroughly crafted training program was a great opportunity to learn and at the same time apply those learnings in real life cases. Walking through the basics to understanding complex areas of accounting and finance, decoding equity research reports, understanding a business beyond what the financials, building financial models from scratch, this program empowers you with the skills required to excel in the real world.

Aditi Sharma

Institute of Management, Nirma University

It was a great experience overall. I found new projects like Analyzing Commercial Feasibility of Startups, making severity repots for different industries, equity research reports, valuation of a company and financial modelling. These project has given me the opportunity to build financial modelling skills, improving analytical skills and learning more about different business models and their key growth drivers. Apart from this, the company has provided a wonderful platform to connect with hundreds of brilliant people who are from different parts of the country.

Rashmita Parihar

Vedica Scholars Programme for Women

The Financial Analyst Program was very well curated and conducted. I personally learnt a lot of Finance concepts, techniques and best industry practice methods which one could only learn while working in a corporate job. The overall experience has been transformational for me and the program gives you good exposure to the corporate world in a very warm and efficient manner. The team is very helpful and try to arrange everything which will add value to your learning journey. I have learnt to adopt helpful and warm culture from the team apart from financial concepts.

Aparna Rane


I thoroughly enjoyed this course and have gained much knowledge. I was not sure what to expect because the course was online, but I was quite impressed with the entire process. The faculty was very professional and there were no problems with connectivity. Our instructor was an expert and was very clear in his method of teaching. All my questions were answered and the class interaction was very good. All the assignments and projects were well planned and layed out. Each project was unique and taught me something new.

Jebin Chacko James

St. Stephen's College

It was great. I enjoyed every session and really liked the fact that it involved many open discussions on different topics. Though I eventually didn’t require the backup videos, I really appreciate the fact that they were there to begin with so as to help with going back and clearing any doubts or to make up for a lost session.

Rashika Agarwal

Lal Bahadur Shashtri Institute of Management

My experience was quite insightful and learning , where in I had one on one interaction between me and instructor which led clearing of doubts , and increased learning enthusiasm. I think training program is quite good . I connected with other interns and helped myself learn to build networks.


Pondicherry University

Being a engineering background I had very limited knowledge on Finance. Only after taking MBA i got basic understanding. After completing this program i feel i can understand the depth of finance. Particularly i feel like i had got some practical knowledge on finance rather than book knowledge

Shiva Shrivastava


The training program was informative to say the least, In order to compete with other interns, I had to brush up my basic concepts. The program has a positive competitive environment which is necessary as finance is the most competitive field out there. I got to know lot of really interesting people and get to know the real feel of the industry.

Harish Pahilajani

Symbiosis Institute of Business Management

Firstly, the onboarding process was very smooth. Satyam Sir , our programme instructor was very helpful. I not only got to learn topics related to finance, but we also got to learn so much from the experience of satyam sir about which he used to talk during lectures sometimes which was very very insightful. Overall, my experience was great.

Saijal Kedia

NMIMS Hyderabad

I am really grateful to Insights School of Business for choosing me as one of their intern. This training program has taught me a lot about topics related to Finance. All the projects that I did from Fund Raising, Industry Research, Financial Modelling and Business Forecasting was very insightful. I will be forever obliged for the guidance and mentorship received by the team in these two months.

Dheemanth R

Presidency University

This training program with a good mentor was very helpful to everyone and was made easier to understand even if a person was from non finance background also. the discussion of key term sheet in the class was a good part as everyone could know the things we had not known during our UG as well as PG.

Manisha Rijhwani

Rukmini Devi Institute of Advanced Studies

The training program was very well developed and constructive to provide a good platform to enhance the knowledge and skills, where i got the opportunity to put forward my views and discussion. It provided me with the great opportunity to interact and connect with people with different backgrounds.

Shimroz Waseem

Jamia Hamdard

Joining the financial analyst programme at Insights School of Business was a great learning experience for me.The structure of the programme is designed in such a way that it covers everything from basics which a focused fresher in the finance field can easily understand. I was given the opportunity to work on various projects like financial modeling, business valuation, research reports etc. And yes our instructor Satyam Sir was very helpful. He solved our each and every doubt and guided us during the programme. Overall it was a very good experience for me.

Mayank Bhansali

NMIMS Hyderabad

My experience with Beta Insights Business Advisory was very good. This internship has taught me all. Not only I gained academic knowledge but also helped me polish my personal skills. All the projects that I did from was very insightful. I will be forever obliged for the guidance and mentorship received by Beta Insights in these two months.

Rahul Basu

NMIMS Mumbai

The training program was very clear and concise. All basics were covered before diving into advanced topics. Instructor was straight to the point on all his instructions. All questions and dobuts were answered in an apt way. Overall the training was an enjoyable experience with all students eager to learn and the instructor quenching their eagerness and also trying to be jovial at times to make the class more engaging!

Nagarajan m

IFIM College

When I initially applied for internship I thought it would be same as other internship I have attended where few tasks given which needs to be completed to get internship certificate, but in this program it changed my view of how an internship would be, there was a line of balance in learning and applying what we learnt in the assignment, which I liked the most because everyone does not come with experience and this program really adds up to good knowledgeable experience

Chinmay Bhat

NMIT Banglore

I want to be Analyst but I didn’t know where to start at that time this internship came in to linkedin about financial analyst and I filled the form and fee for training. But for the fee paid for training it’s worth it and I learnt the financial modeling, valuation, fundraising. It gives me knowledge of these all and helped to learn new skill. And I want to improve in the financial analyst and learn more on this. So this helps me to go in this designation. Thank you for your support.

Priyanka Khandare

Prin. L.N. Welingkar Institute of Management Development and Research, Mumbai

The 2 month internship at Beta Insights Business Advisory helped me to get a hands on experience to work on projects like Financial Modelling, Fund raising, and many more. The case study covered in class helped me gain confidence as well as develop an understanding of the financial statements. The instructor at Beta Insights Business Advisory was very helpful and satisfied my queries raised during the live sessions. Lastly, I thank you for this insightful learning experience. There is more to finance but this internship definitely helped me get on the pedestal.

Haseena T S

XIME, Bangalore

Probably one of the best training and internship platforms ever. I learnt a lot of new concepts in the field of Finance like fund raising, due diligence, financial modelling, valuation, sensitivity analysis etc. Moreover, our mentor was amazing and took the time to clarify each and every one of our doubts and never rushed the concepts. We were able to work on data from many different companies which provided us with practical insights, something you will not get in college. I highly reccommend Beta Insights for anyone who is looking for a good training/internship in Finance.

Akshay Suresh Agrawal

Sydenham Institute of Management Studies, Research and Entrepreneurship Education

The Internship helped me to use the practical knowledge which we learned during the training period. The topics like financial modelling and valuation which I barely know before this internship now I actually can apply in reality. Before the internship i was not sure about choosing finance as field in which i want to make career but after the internship I am sure about that.

Guntaka Abhishek Paul Reddy

David Memorial Institute of Management

The training program and internship is great learning for me as a individual I found difficulty working with balance sheet and profit and loss statement but after this training program I found it very easy working on balance sheets and working or like cells I would recommend this program to everybody. The projects and reported submitted are very essential for a very useful which helped me in understanding industry prospects

Pooja Nagaraj Reddy

NMIMS Bengaluru

This internship has given me an insight to a lot of topics which would help me later and in college as well. I have started becoming more thirsty for knowledge in finance, and this internship has made me gain knowledge and become more inquisitive. The mentor taught us really well by giving examples as well.

Harshith Vemula

ICFAI Business School, Hyderabad

It was a good experience, It covers most of the aspects of a Financial Analyst rather than focusing on a single aspect. Got the opportunity to amplify my network. Learnt about Financial modelling, The assignments helped to stay focus and apply the learnings into practice. OVerall it was a good experience, I would rate 4 star out of 5

Saikat Das

IIM Amritsar

I have learnt a lot from this program. It really gives me a deep insights about the early stage of a company and how things run on a corporate level. The mentor was very helpful and the approaches he took for teaching some areas are very good. Also he has shared his personal experience which give me a very clear view.

Saylee Menon


Insight School of Business is the one stop solution to brush up the theoretical as well as practical skills. Throughout the 2 months of Financial Analyst Program there were assessments to get clear with the concepts. This Internship benefits to everyone who wants to start career in core Finance sector Financial Modelling, Industry Reports etc… So much of scope to learn and imbibe it.

Sucharita Pradhan

KIIT School of Commerce and Economics

The training sessions were informative and it helped a lot in gaining appropriate knowledge about business valuation and fund raising. Satyam Sir and his team were very cooperative during the whole program. Special mention to Arpan sir also who helped in each and every step. It was really exciting and had great experience in working on the projects given to us.

Divyansh Mishra

Jagannath Institute of Management Sciences

My experience was very good as I got good exposure to learn about Financial Analyst. I enjoyed making Fundraising reports where i got to know how to analyze any start-up or companies. The best thing was the way the mentors help us to learn about financial terms through key term sheet. The mentor and coordinator were very supportive through out the internship.

Shubh Kumar

Indian Institute of Management, Rohtak

Had a great experience throughout the internship, not only I upskilled myself but learned a lot about the financial world. The internship gave a glimpse of corporate world, how things work in real world. Working on actual companies made the internship even more interesting. We worked on various types of startups and got an insight of startup ecosystem.

Het Nilesh Vaidya

Amrut Mody School of Management

The program is a great experience for those who are interested in finance but are not sure about the future prospects or the activities that are involved in the day to day workings of the finance industry. It is especially useful if you are willing to build a career in the business advisory and consultancy. The internship does not pressurize as much as a job and yet is able to make us learn more and also get the desirable output. An ideal experience overall

Anupama K

IIM Udaipur

The training program conducted by the Insight school of Business is excellent and the mentor covered each aspects that are mentioned in the program brochure which is really appreciable. Also I liked the most in this program is Due diligence part where we go through each and every pitch and understand their business and based on that I was preparing reports.


Central University Of Tamilnadu

First i would like thank Beta Insights Business Advisory for this amazing opportunity. In this 8 weeks i came to know different financial aspects , also this period of time helps me to plan my future well and to rethink future plans in a better way. I learnt Startup valuation ,Fundraising analysis, Basics of Financial Modeling ..

Yash Surendra Pundkar

Chetana’s Institute of Management and Research

My experience at “Insights School of Business” was totally amazing. The training was perfectly designed and anyone can enroll without having any pre-requisite knowledge. There is definitely a lot of value addition in training & internship. The faculty is the best and very friendly with the students. One to One attention is given to all. I would highly recommend the institution to one and all.

Hitesh Yadav

IIM Kashipur

Being a finance enthusiast seeking a carrier in finance, I found all the phases of the internship very useful. Starting from commercial diligence to financial modelling and valuation, all modules were extremely helpful as they entailed applying industry relevant skills to arrive at the final results. Further, it was a full-of-learning journey because of the constant support of the Beta Insights Team.

Abhishek K Alex

Jaipuria Institute of Management

It was a wonderful experience learning from the best in the industry. Personally it was revisiting all the topics that learnt in my first trimester and polishing them once again before finally applying them to real business cases. All the training that were imparted to us before the projects made us sure that our basics are strong to start with the project and gather as much learning as possible

Debadrita Das Gupta

Ramanuj Gupta Degree College

The Financial Modeling and Valuation training program that was conducted was very well planned and executed. The instructor was very much thorough with his explanation and gave us a great deal of understanding in the field of finance as well as ways to deal in life in terms of the career which was very much needed in times when the majority were in the critical juncture of their career path. I am immensely grateful to have gotten this opportunity being just a fresher and very much appreciative of the work that the company is doing.

Ajjakollu Geetha

Central University of Tamil Nadu

I learnt a lot from Beta Insights especially in my career point of view. I am from non commerce background, so I don’t know what are the opportunities are there in corporate sector. By this internship I learnt not only valuation and modeling, I got an idea about life in Finance sector. Satyam sir explains everything in clear manner, he gave suggestions to our career also, this help many of us.

Pulgar Sarvesh Sagar

Woxsen University

It was really enhancing experience out of which i have learned, working with real time projects was one of the key factor for learning. It could boost up your skills and also learn many new things, learning and experiencing from the live projects, this scenario is very rare and i am really thankful for the organization for giving me such a wonderful opportunity

Manoj Kumar Verma

Jaipuria Institute of Management

It was great learning experience from Mr Satyam sir and Mr Arpan Srivastava Sir. During the program i got the opportunity to learn the Financial model & Valuation and Equity Research Report. And Other than that i also got the opportunity to make to Due diligence report of startups. And overall these 2 months are great from the learning point of view.

Giriraj Govardhandas Jaju

Indira School of Business Studies

My experience at beta insights business advisory is fabulous. Satyam sir always helped to understand each and every single thing related to the financial analyst role. I always wanted to build my career into financial analyst role and beta insights business advisory’s this internship helped me alot. Thank you.

Priyanka Barua

Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology, Surat

As I have a full time job, i was more dependable on the recorded sessions, it didn’t at all feel left out. As I have no background, so few things seemed fast paced and I had to revisit the videos again. Otherwise, the learning experience was good. My Favorite part was doing the research work for due diligence reports. Also, the consideration of deadlines and submissions were quite flexible.

Samarpan Solanky

BK School of Professional and Management Studies

Financial Analyst Program is for short period but with huge opportunity for learning. It covers many important things which is required for a finance student, like Equity research, due diligence, financial modeling and other technical things. This program helped me to grasp some practicality of the work required in the financial world. The training sessions were very well organized which included many activities that help the interns in learning and gaining knowledge. The training and mentoring was the best thing about this internship. The mentor and HR here were very supportive and friendly, who tries to help the interns anytime, in whatever situation they were in. If the interns have a keen interest in learning new things and getting practical knowledge, then this program would be very helpful.

Jaishnav Kakkar

Sharda University

Internship and training experience was really special and insightful as i learned how corporates environment is like and about how to analyse a pitch when you don’t have a proper knowledge about the company. my research skills got updated and it was very informative. Furthermore, training of financial models and equity research was really interesting and it made me interested in being an expert in financial model as well. though i have many doubts as my mother got admitted and i wasn’t able to give my best in the internship and i can guarantee that i will take part in this internship again because it was really fascinating and informative.

Aditya Sanghavi

Sydenham Institute of Management Studies Research And Entrepreneurship Education, Mumbai

First we got to learn the basics from the phases that were given to us. Next from the fundrasing task we got to know different startup ideas , startup environment in India and also understand the economy as a whole while discovering the industry growth of the particular startup. Finally last but not the least Financial Modelling, being pursuing my mba in finance it was a nessesity for me to know the fundamentals of modelling and valuation which Satym sir taught from scracth. Though i was not able to attend few of the lectures in person but seeing the recordings helped me a lot to understand how to judge a company and its future projections. I am in loss for words for the beautiful experience that this program brought in my professional career. Thank you so much.

Sakshi Sharma

Asian Business School,

This programme not only helped me to grow professionally but personally as well as it was not only a platform to gain knowledge either from our mentor or peer to peer discussions during this programme but also to come out of your comfort zone and put our thoughts in front of everyone. It had been a great journey with Beta insights and I look forward to be associated with the company in near future again for my career growth as well.

Swetha Elumalai

MOP Vaishnav college for women

Insights school of business provided a clear understanding on various topics which I was not confident on earlier. They were helpful throughout the internship and was flexible, understanding. This internship made me realise alot about the professional atmosphere. I’m glad that I was a part of this organisation.

Gazula Lakshmi Krishna Priya

Loyola Institute of Business Administration, Chennai

Initially, I was sceptical about how the training goes. But in the process of training, I have gained knowledge starting with understanding of basics like the terms in the financial statements, then the financial modelling, importance of commercial diligence and also learnt how to prepare a equity research report. At every stage, I gained confidence that with I can do better if I know the basics very well especially in the finance field, that was the key learning and takeaway form the training for me.

Akshita Pitty

Amity Global Business School, Pune

First of all, the application procedure for the training program was very convenient. The timings of the sessions were very flexible. Our trainer Satyam sir explained each & everything from scratch & he conducted productive class activities through which we were able to learn with ease. Overall training program was very good & even the beta insights team was always there to help in case of any issue faced by us.

Akhil Haridas

O. P. Jindal Global University

The training at Insights School of Business was helpful in teaching me both the fundamentals of the corporate world and the various nuances that are required to run the corporate world. It helped me gain good research and analytical skills and opened my mind to think and perceive in different ways, especially when it comes to due diligence and financial analysis.

Daksh Jhalani

Hansraj College

The training that I received from Insights School of Business was exceptional. From commercial due diligence to financial modeling and valuation, every thing I learned will help me to build a career in finance. The concepts taught had a lot of practical application. All in all, it was a wonderful learning experience.

Aditya Mitra

Department of Commerce, Manipal Academy of Higher Education.

This was the first internship in my life – and I can proudly say that I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Insights School of Business trains you to learn the work of a financial analyst while brushing on basic concepts which helps interns to efficiently execute their projects which follow after the training. For someone who is a finance enthusiast or looking to work in that industry, this is one of the best internships out there in terms of training and experience.

Akhil Haridas

O. P. Jindal Global University

The training at Insights School of Business was helpful in teaching me both the fundamentals of the corporate world and the various nuances that are required to run the corporate world. It helped me gain good research and analytical skills and opened my mind to think and perceive in different ways, especially when it comes to due diligence and financial analysis.

Arpita Shankar

Christ (Deemed to be University)

Coming from non finance background, I had the opportunity to learn many things and further enhance the skills I have in finance. Our mentor was very helpful and trained us right from basics. It was great experience to learn and interact with our mentor and other interns. Training program was a fruitful experience and will definitely help my career ahead.

Aman Tuteja

Prestige Institute of Management and Research

I think it was a great training program. Both Arpan Sir and Satyam Sir were good. No suggestions required.The program was very informative. I didn’t have much experience with financial modeling before but it was taught from the beginning which was very helpful. Overall very good learning experience.

Ankita Singh

Symbiosis Center For Management Studies

It was a delightful experience. At the starting of the internship, I was a little intimidated by the crowd, but slowly I realised that everyone is extremely friendly and are ready to help. Our mentor’s guidance helped us to work so much better, the stories were fun to listen to in the class. The projects taught me a lot and made me realise the pattern while making a financial model or while working on a particular stock.

Devyanshi Hada

Jai Hind College, Mumbai

I really enjoyed the whole training program as it was presented in an enthusiastic way. Our mentor (Satyam sir) gave lots of real time examples & opportunities to ask questions which made the whole training very informative and engaging. I learned a lot of things personally and professionally through the challenging projects. It was a wonderful practical program and the right mix of theory and practical demonstration.- Thank you!

Ariba Cindy Cota

CMS Business School, Jain (Deemed to be University)

During the seven weeks (as a whole) I’ve personally gained practicle Insights into Financial Modeling & Equity Research, and the Financial analyst Programme pumped our knowledge as a whole. And so would thank Beta Insights business Advisory in collaboration with Insights School of business, specially Mr. Satyam and Mr. Arpan for the knowledge, guidance. Apart from training it was made sure that the our learning environment was comfortably social, flexible and helpful all while maintaining a professional conduct. This knowledge embedded will go a long way .

Karneet kaur narang

Symbiosis college of arts and commerce

There is no doubt this was the most essential training and internship opportunity for my and many of my classmates. We as students are very overwhelmed by the idea of getting a job directly or putting into a hardcore work internship. Because the knowledge we have is booking and we lack in putting that into practice, this internship has definitely helped us bridge the difference. I am grateful for being a student of Satyam sir and also for being coordinated by Arpan sir. Both of them have been mentors with immense patience. It was the best knowledgeable experience.

Adrija Rudra

University of Calcutta

The training was enriching and quite extensive and I got to learn a lot under the guidance of Satyam Sir. The real life examples really helped in getting a practical understanding of Business Valuations and formed a strong base in Financial Analysis.Three words best describe this internship–enriching, fun and challenging. I got to learn the ins and outs of Financial Analysis, which will definitely help me along my career path. I made some good connections and got a fresh perspective of the world of Finance.

Deepanahu Sharma

Chaudhary Charan Singh University

This is one of the best internship opportunity i have joined yet, i am just a BBA 2nd year student at that time but to be honest I learned the way how interact with people in official way and during this internship I figured out my weak points and now i have idea that on which skills or courses i will focus on . But i would like to say that this internship is maybe only for senior ones

Mahesh Saai Krupa.S

Thiagarajar School of Management

This is my 1st Internship in career. which has no words to express how much i learnt. Getting an internship was a big task. At first i was in confusion what im gonna learn in 2 mnths of internship. But, BETA INSIGHT BUSINESS ADVISORY and INSIGHT SCHOOL OF BUSINESS has changed everything. Explaining from the scratch. Now im in clear mind to go which part of the career also. Thank you

S Supriya

Atma Ram Sanatan Dharma College, University of Delhi

In the beginning I was a bit nervous as all my batchmates were already doing their masters degree. Mr. Satyam is a great mentor, he taught every topic from the basics so it was easy to understand for even a beginner like me. All the projects related to the topic covered in the class were really helpful. It gave us not only the theoretical knowledge of the topics but also a hands on experience with gaining proficiency.

Sabhaoddin Dakhani

Sydenham Institute of Management Studies, Research and Entrepreneurship Education, Mumbai

Training sessions were so insightful and got to learn a lot about finance domain as a whole. We got introduced to basic to advanced terminologies used in finance domain. Training was not only limited to provided curriculum, but we also got to know about industry nuances. All the promised syllabus was covered in due time with no haste. Overall it was a great learning experience.

Shrikant Shinde

Taxila Business School Jaipur

It was great learning experience as the faculties were highly experienced and handsome practical knowledge was gained though the entire process of Financial Analyst Program. Coming from science background I really got aware about the finance field which will definitely help me in achieving the Finance roles. I learned the process of Due Diligence, Financial Modelling and Valuation. Projects on these same were of high worth and definitely makes these program of high caliber.

Vidyuth Karan

Loyola College

It was a great experience here at Insights school of Business. Our trainer, Satyam sir was very calm and whenever anyone had a doubt he made sure he cleared it before proceeding to the next topic and also encouraged participation from the Interns. He made sure that we understood what we are doing which has thus helped me in doing the Assignments. I would have never thought I could do the things i did during this Internship. This training has given me a deep insight about finance and its world.

Aayushi Prasad

Ashoka University

Coming from a completely non-finance background, I pursued this training program and internship completely out of the motive to explore this field. Undoubtedly, I acquired tremendous amount of knowledge and learning through this program. Our teacher Mr. Satyam was a very effective, approachable and insightful teacher. When i found it difficult to understand certain concepts, extra classes were also arranged from your side which really appreciated. Definitely, after pursuing this program I can say that I have developed an interest in this field now.

Kusuma M

CMS Business School, Jain (Deemed to be University)

First of all I would like to thank Insights School of Business for this great opportunity and a learning experience. The training sessions were as informative as it could be and flawless. We got to gain knowledge in many areas of finance and expand our skill sets, the projects and key term sheet helped us gain practical knowledge on financial status of the companies. At last I would like to thank our mentor Mr Satyam for this enlightening journey.

Kinjal Surana

Chimanbhai Patel Institute of Management and Research

Insight school of business is a tremendous help provider for any individual who is looking for an insight in the field of finance. Their training program covers every details from basic level and help their interns to brush up their previous knowledge and take them to next level. My mentor Mr. Satyam Kumar, who is having an insane amount of knowledge in the field of finance. He is the best mentor anyone could ask for, plus he is always ready to solve every question at any given point of time. I will always be Thankful of Mr. Satyam for sharing his knowledge and for his cooperation.

T. Sai Sahitya

CMS Business School, Jain (Deemed to be University)

It was an extremely insightful learning at Beta Insights. Sathyam sir had been really very professional in conveying the lectures with lot of clarity. In my opinion time invested in undergoing a training with the Beta Insights is worth it. There is a lot of practical learning that is gained. I am glad to have undergone this training with Beta Insights who have been an amazing organisation and also very patient in clarifying all the queries in the most efficient manner.

Kaveri Arun

Christ (Deemed to be University)

Though I am studying in the finance field, there’s a huge difference between what we read in books and what we actually practice. The internship program functioned as a bridge connecting both of these. Practical learning of the finance industry is the best way to learn finance, and that’s what I got here. It was a great opportunity.

Aastha Midha

NMIMS Mumbai

My experience has been really great with Insights School of Business. The concepts and topics helped me learn a lot of new things and also helped me in decide what I want to do in future. The instructors and mentors were really supportive and helpful throughout. I have learned a lot of new things which have also helped me in my ongoing undergrad in B. Com Hons.

Kallol Bhattacharjee

CMS Business School, Jain (Deemed to be University)

This training program was an informative course. It helped me to brush up my knowledge and also I learned few new things like Financial modeling which is definitely going to help us in the near future. To sum up, this Financial Analyst training course is definitely going to help finance enthusiasts like me in the near future.

Shaurya Kohli

University of Warwick

Not only were the classes greatly helpful for all students, but the emphasis on making sure every student understands was the defining point. This meant that I could engage with other interns and the team to make sure I maximise learning. The weekly tasks and discussions we had on call made the internship much more exciting. For anyone who thinks finance is not the career for you, this internship is a great starting point!

Nikita Jain

M.S.J College

My experience with insights school of business was very good .I learned a lot from this internship ..not just about financial terms but also about time management ,how to handle work pressure etc. I joined this internship for just to decide whether I want to make career in financial sector or not . But this internship taught me even more . I am glad I joined this program.

Vishakha Raj

Singapore Institute of Management

This Internship introduced me to valuations and financial modelling. It was a first hand experience as this was my first internship. Being a year 1 student I was not aware with the majority of the things covered in this internship but through hard work and patient guidance of Satyam Sir helped me understand them. It was an awesome experience and I am looking forward to more internships from the organization.

Sreesha S Bharadwaj

St. Joseph's College

My internship at beta insights was very insightful. for someone like me who hasn’t had any direct exposure to the corporate world this internship gave lot of insights into to how the corporate world works. Starting from the first day of my session I felt I was lucky to get a internship like this. Mr. Satyam broke down each and every concept and taught it from the scratch. His conversation before the start of the session was really valuable. Mr.Arpan Kumar has been really helpful, he not only helped me with my internship but also spoke to me about my career and provided his valuable insights.

Madhushree S Das

Vivekananda College

The Financial Analyst Program offered by Insights School of Business helped me gain a great understanding and practical exposure of the financial Industry. The internship offered the right mix of theoretical knowledge and practical experience in the field of finance. Projects given were worth doing. Overall a very informative and fruitful training session.

Srivarsha K

Shree Uma Degree College

It was very great learning experience and though it was online mode of teaching, we had an opportunity to get knowledge of various topics which are required as a financial analyst and also liberty to get clarifications for our doubts. Had very informative interactive sessions as well during the course.

Pulipati Jayachandra

ICFAI Business School

This is my first internship opportunity after I decided to pursue my career in the field of Finance and its undoubtedly one of the best Institute to start with, since it covered basics on the first day for the students who are not from finance background. I also liked the structure of the course, the way it designed to help student to gain maximum knowledge about Financial modeling which is essential who is looking to build his/her career in Investment Banking.

Abhijeet Dalela

Jaipuria Institute Of Management

The learning experience with Insights School of busniess has been really enriching. Two words to describe my experience will be proffessionalism and learning. The work environment has been really friendly and the mentors have been really supportive to make this internship a wholesome experience.

Meghna Valiyaveettil

Ness Wadia College of Commerce

The training provided introduced me to lot of learnings and gave me an insight into understanding financial concepts in a better way. Wasnt able to put my best efforts into completing all the projects but this internship has really benefited me in so many ways. It helped me address all the areas i lacked knowledge and motivated me to learn more and to upskill myself. I am very happy about joining the team of beta insights. I was able to connect with people with the common interests through this internship and got the opportunity to learn from them . Overall the experience was wonderful. Thank you for the opportunity.

Muskan Bhalla

Deen Dayal Upadhyaya College, Delhi University

It was a great learning experience and an amazing opportunity to widening our perspective and knowledge about finance. Got to know a lot of terms via the key term sheet, due diligence projects were really interesting. Had a good time overall. Although expected to learn more about financial ratios and financial modelling. Satyam sir’s really helpful and energetic. Learnt a lot from him not only in Financial aspects but in general also. Arpan sir helped and solved any query we had and he acted as a great support.

Ankit Agarwal

CMS Business School, Jain (Deemed to be University)

My experience with insight school of business was great i have learn a lot of things in the field of finance and got a good opportunity to connect with people from different backgrounds and professionals. My Mentor always helped me and boost my moral to learn new things and acquire good knowledge. I will always be a thankful for this opportunity as i was the youngest one from BBA sharing a working experience with CFAs and MBAs candidates.


Sona College of Technology, Salem

It was a great opportunity for me working here as a financial analyst intern, I gained more knowledge in the field of finance by comping up with new models, words and reports etc. As it was new to me, I had to search for many things and come up with the final report. Doing intern was a whole lot of financial studies, which will be very useful for me in future days.

Divyansh Singh Kachhwaha

Jagannath Institute of Management Sciences

This internship provided me with good understanding of Financial Modeling and Business Valuation. The program introduces us with good concepts which help us in later projects . The documents given for basic insights of the course were helpful too. Working in Key Term Sheet was very insightful. The topics covered under the training program were very useful .

Vrushank Rohamare

Garware College of Commerce.

The course was nice had a good time. The program covers basics of Modelling and equity research and for someone who don’t have any idea about this financial terms it would be very helpful for them. I have previous knowledge of modelling and equity research so the value addition for me was less but if you want to start your career in this field and want a start it’s a really good course.

Akash Chauhan

St. Xavier's College

The internship provided me a great opportunity to brush up on my financial knowledge and learn new concepts which are helping me in FRM part 2 preparation as well as in interpreting financial statements, company valuation, etc. Well, I am not a guy from a typical financial background but still, training provided me another dimension for interpreting financial statements and viewing the financial world.

Shrinwantu Mondal

Christ (Deemed to be University)

A very smooth learning experience with very friendly and helpful mentors, the training program helped me learn a lot of new things which will eventually be useful in my career. The training was layed out in a way that even a non-finance person would not have much problem trying to catch-up with the syllabus.

Internship was full of practical Learning. Every session contained knowledge, practical training, future aspect etc. Got the exposure to learn new things from instructor and Other Intern also. https://www.linkedin.com/in/ca-ajit-kumar-shaw-aa0715192/
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